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Have been searching for those Unique & Classy Newborn baby Gifts? And have always ended up discovering Utility Kits of Personal Care, Baby Clothes, Blankets etc etc. Don’t worry we would relieve you from those run of a mill Newborn Baby Gifts and introduce you to fantastic ideas of Silver/Silver Plated Baby Gifts so that you just don’t carry a gift but create a lasting impression and Timeless Memories.
Every one of us fanaticises of Keepsakes and gifts which are passed over from one generation to another but seldom do we find things which are both utility and classic. We found our hands on some exclusive pieces of Newborn Baby Silver Gifts, which we are sure the Mommies & Daddies gonna LOVE! Take a Look

1’st Memory Newborn baby Gifts
Somethings really like really happen only Once(Ahem Ahem……I am not talking about that famous clichéd line. Birth Certificates/1’st Curl & 1’st Broken Tooth …………. Isn’t It. So reserve these memories in the most classic of Silver Baby Birth Certificate Holders and Tooth & Curl Box. And what more these come in classic BLUE & PINK colour to clearly differentiate between BOYS & GIRLS. Kwel ……. Isn’t it (Some bit of customization is always good)

Newborn baby Utility Gifts
Born with a Silver Spoon …………. Literally!!! With Silver Baby mirrors and Hairbrushes & Combes you are really goanna make the little one feels special. Every time Mommy brushes the hair of the little one you are surely going to be remembered.Or how about Silver baby Rattle? The Newborn's 1'st toy!You could even carry that.

Newborn baby KeepSake Gifts
What could be a better keepsake for the parents, than something which rekindles the 1’st memories of their Child. So we though silver photo frames with kiddish motifs and family tree would be the best gift that you could take as the perfect Newborn Baby Gift!

Savings – Early investments
Yes, you read the above words right! Newborn baby gifts that encourage savings & investment. Forgot? Your lovely piggy banks! It would be fun moving around the house and asking grandparents to drop in some coins in our piggy banks and then shaking the piggy bank as a gesture to show people that you have good amount of coins in there. Silver Money banks like Racing Car Money Banks/Butterfly money banks really look cool and solve the purpose. What more you could also buy a Newborn special silver coin if not a Piggy Bank. Parents would simple love this gesture!

So just log onto Treasuresouq.com! Because curation is an art and we thrive on it. We have curated the best collection from trusted brands so that you could easily pick your favourite Newborn Baby Gifts!


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