Measure your Ring Size



Now you can buy engagement rings for women from a collection of grandeur and splendor which has been brought to you online. A special occasion deserves special gifts hence Diamond Engagement Rings are a perfect gift you can give to your partner. But before buy Engagement Rings for women or men online you should know the size appropriately. There are two ways in which you can measure the ring size. :-

Current Ring Size:- Place your finger over the closest matching ring making sure that the inside of the circle fits appropriately with the outside. Now measure the diameter of the inner side of the ring on a Ruler. You can find the size basis the below cofrresponding chart.

Measurement of Finger Size: - Take a non stretchable string or a piece of paper. Tie it around the end of your finger(same finger for which you are purchasing the ring). Now see where the string or the paper meets it’s both ends. Measure that length on rule. Match with the corresponding size to know your correct ring size.

Things to be kept in mind while ring size measurement is that you always see that your finger is at normal body temperature. Fingers may shrink and expand depending on the hotness and coldness of the body. If your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger then take two separate measurements and choose a size which is between the two. Additionally please keep in mind that when you buy engagement rings for women or men that the ring size measurement is made for which finger. Since Engagement rings are worn in the 3’rd finger of the left hand for women and right hand for men. Thus ensure the ring size measurements are made for these fingers


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