Here’s why Gold jewelry will always be the favorite for Indians – Even millennials



There is a popular saying called 'old is gold' and it indeed is true. Gold is old-school and it still dominates and rules our choices and our hearts as equally as it has for ages. It is even today that having and wearing gold jewelries or gifting pure gold gifts like gold coins for special occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies, etc is essential and considered an intimate part of our Indian culture and tradition.


In fact, to break it down even more, we Indians have a special emotional bond with Gold – one that has been continuing over many, many years. Our parents dream of our wedding day right from the moment we are born and that sets them on a mission to own Gold jewelries for us throughout their active years. In some cases, you would remember that a lot many of us were gifted Gold ornament as well when we turned 18 or completed our graduation or got our first job. Gold is our eternal friend that we all share and we all connect it with the firsts of our many joys.


Gold is something that has a major share on our savings. We save money through our entire lives and dedicate a certain amount of it to own pure gold jewelries. This is something that Indians prefer to do and has now somewhat become a part of our culture.Not just events and/or functions, a lot many Indian festivals as well encourage and somewhat define the tradition of buying Gold. Think about Dusshera and Diwali that are simply incomplete without buying some good old pure Gold jewelry or Gold bars and coins.
Moreover, Gold is not harmful to your skin as well and they don't cause rashes like other metaled ornaments.


Besides all these, how can we forget the elegance par excellence that Gold renders to your personality and of course your appearance? Regardless of the modern world we live in with many modern fashion and style choices, pure Gold jewelries will always rule big because of the certain amount of panache it brings along. In fact, under the impact of modernity, Gold designs have evolved too and even in the contemporary world, it has stood out as a stylish and elegant choice.


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