Want to buy jewellery online but clueless about the whats and whys? Well, you are at the right place to understand the A, B, C of buying jewellery online. A lot of people get cold feet on the idea of making a huge purchase online. Buying jewellery online is often a concern for most people, the authenticity of the product being the very first seed of doubt. But why hesitate when you have a personal guide to at your expense. Pinky promise, we will make your experience of buying online jewellery hassle-free and worthy enough!
Knowledge is Essential

The 101 lesson for buying jewellery online is quite handy and simple: Know thy Hallmarks! Before buying fine jewellery, you really need to know about the value of diamonds in terms of carats and gold and platinum in terms of the Hallmark linked to each of them For diamonds, check for grading from GIA or AGSL and certification from GCAL and similar agencies and institutes and do keep in mind the 4Cs of diamond: colour, carat, cut and clarity while purchasing one. For Gold and Platinum jewellery, you must know about the Hallmark by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) which sets the standards of authenticity and purity. Similarly, IGI ascertains the authenticity of gemstones. Parameters of assessing quality of precious stones and metals should be known beforehand, otherwise, you might get fooled, my friend.

Be Aware

The very next teaching lesson for buying jewellery online would be Awareness. You got to know the right online platform to buy your jewellery from. Do not go for a jewellery website which on its front is a strict no-no and you just happen to stumble on it on a social networking site randomly. It might be catchy, but surely would trouble you in the longer run. So look for websites which explicitly inform you about the product details and the specifications related to it. Finally, decide your to-go online jewellery store and go sift through it.

Shop Smart****

Third on the list for buying jewellery online would certainly be smart shopping! Plan on what you want to buy. Even though getting awed by jewellery is us women’s right, but do not get swept by the discounts, however unbelievable the prices for certain products are. Also, concentrate on the number of diamonds and their values in terms of carats and sizes and how they make up the entire cost. It is in your best interest to know the specifications perfectly of the piece of jewellery that you so want to buy.The idea is to focus, ladies, otherwise you might end up spending all your savings!

Compare Endlessly****

The basics for understanding the nitty-gritty of online jewellery stores is almost there and no doubt, you sure are getting good at catching up, lad! However, the key point for buying jewellery still remains intact, that is, Comparison. You need to compare across authentic online jewellery websites to look for the best design. Look intently at product images and their features across websites before settling on that one piece of jewellery that took your heart away.

Know the Policies

Do not overlook their privacy policy, return policy and the features that are being offered. Since you are spending a lot of money, it would be wise to check if the online jewellery store offers you Transit insurance or not. Do not forget to look into the return policy of the website too. It will definitely make your purchase hassle-free and you might not have sleepless nights over spending a lot of money online.

Authenticity is a must

Last but not the least, remember to check the details of the piece of jewellery before you buy them. Certificates for authenticity of precious stones and metals are a tad too important in the world of fine jewellery. They are usually universally accepted certificates and the website should specify about the certificate before-hand. Finally, follow suit and make your purchase!
Remember compare, think and click, and you are wise as an owl to purchase jewellery online!

If you are still here, then you might not be able to get over your cold feet about buying fine jewellery online. Not a problem. You ask why? Because now, is at your service and it ensures at making your purchase hassle-free and manages amazingly well at fulfilling its promise of Quality, Variety and Authenticity. So, forget online shopping blues and Happy Shopping!
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