Express your feelings now differently!! Designer Silver Coins



Always confused with a perfect gift to suit various occasions, specially when the gift is for your near and dear ones? Worry no more as we would share great gifting options to express your feelings, and that too differently. With Silver Coins. Surprised? Isn’t It!

IMG_2471-1 presents to you a very unique range of designer 20Grams Silver Coin, from IBJA Gold, with special messages and colourful designs. So that you get the best of both the world’s uniqueness and value for money. Gift these timeless coins which come in special gifting box, packed with your love and feelings for your near and dear ones.

The major celebration occasions for any one in an year is either birthdays or marriage anniversaries. IBJA Gold offers a great variety of 20Grams Silver Coin for marriage anniversary. One of the options is Red Color Heart Image 20Gram Silver Coin, with a visual on a man on his knees giving a rose to a woman and wishing her happy anniversary. This coin is a perfect option for every husband who wants to wish his wife happy anniversary. Another more neutral option is a 20Gram IBJA Gold Silver coin with Happy Anniversary text written on the coin and the 3’rd option is Happy Anniversary 20Gram Silver Coin with two hearts displayed on the coin. Another option is Happy Anniversary Holding Hands 20Grams Silver Coin. Thus, with so many options, we are sure you have a perfect anniversary gift in the form of a Silver Coin. For Happy Birthday wishes there is again a silver coin with the text “Happy Birthday” written on the same.


Another major occasion that your generally wish people is through their various wins or on the onset of new journey that they are embarking i.e Promotion, winning some contest, Clearing some exam, New Job, Travel for Higher Studies and in some cases Marriage or any new relationship. On such occasions also IBJA Gold offers a beautiful collection of designer [20Grams Silver Coins with special messages like Good Luck, Congratulations, Best Wishes Etc


Lastly while expressing your feeling of love for someone, is the time when you really scout for an appropriate gift. What could be better than a suitably designed 20Grams Silver Coin with either an I Love You written or a visual of a man proposing women by giving her a rose and bending on his knees. So, whatever be the occasion, we have a perfect silver coin for every occasion.


Treasuresouq Team

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